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Lee Wilson. Exciting Talent... But where is he now?

I was first introduced to Lee Wilson by Andrew Copeman at an event on January 22nd, 2005 at Rampart Radio in Aldgate in London as part of a Poetry launch. There were some strong performers and the atmosphere was a little edgy and raucus. In fact the night was recorded and a CD of the night is floating around London Music stores under the heading: Swallow it 3. I have to say that I loved Lee`s poetry and afterwards asked Andrew if I could review one of Lee's chapbooks for Andrew `s poetry quarterly, The Polka Dot Ceiling.

The following review is taken from Polka Dot Ceiling #7.


Lee Wilson

Lee Wilson` s poetry speaks for the solitary man in all of us. His 'bed sit' requiems are powerful and unsettling social commentaries. Wilson`s chap book So Close to Home offers insights about family, childhood, poverty and love lost.

For ages 7& Up begins:

Connect 4 was fun we didn`t have.
We never quite set-up Ker-Plunk.
Ludo, thanks to Dad, ended in tears
Board and peace keeping shred.

Monopoly survives. Unfaded in the loft.


Wilson`s The Handstand She Does explores the theme of childhood, while picking away at the mindfield of the heart:

On the roundabout, not quite inert
four children lie and quietly bicker.
Their heads and hands just out
to see, to make, a tiny world turn.

A woman of twenty-five, her head shaved,
cuts through the park.


Wilson`s poetry is unpretentious and honest sprinkled with healthy doses of self-deprecating humour. He has published two chapbooks So Close to Home and SailingConditions and appears on the Swallow it 3 CD with typically wry wit. He remaks on the CD 'the money (I received for this poem) enabled me to buy 42 tins of soup.


John Stiles

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