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John Stiles was born and raised in the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia and currently lives in London, England. John is the author of the novel Taking the Stairs and the subject of the critically acclaimed and innovative poetry documentary Scouts are Cancelled. Called 'the best literary biography of the past decade', the film has played on The Documentary Channel in Canada and in the US and Italy. John has received acclaim in: Publishers Weekly, The New York Times and in over twenty literary magazines across Canada. John has worked as a rock-n-roll roadie, door-to-door salesman, telemarketer, school teacher and as a library assistant in London. Scouts are Cancelled, the original book on which the documentary is based can be obtained from Insomniac Press, Toronto, CANADA. Taking The Stairs is available from Nightwood Editions in Vancouver, CANADA. Other works include John's debut novel The Insolent Boy and the poetry collection Creamsicle Stick Shivs.








Praise for The Insolent Boy






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EXPATRIATE, 44 min, CAN/U.S,  Atlantic Film Festival `96


SARAH SEEMS, 22 mins,
DAWC Workshop, Toronto (Sponsored by TMN, The Harold Greenberg Fund and The OFDC)

LYING IN SNOW, 22 mins: 1998, Bellevue Films