FILM whatever


Toronto-based writer John Stiles chronicles three years in the life of Alberta`s indie rock cowboys, the smalls as they tour across Canada, France and Belgium.

Blending studio footage from 1998`s 'My Dear Little Angle' recording sessions with the churning Prairie mosh pits, the daily squalor of the cube van and the hip and alternative subcultures of Belgium and Amsterdam, 'the whatever' charts the highs and lows of a unique Canadian phenomenon which Stephen Humphreys of Exclaim magazine says is 'the closest thing the rock world has to a collective organism.'


1998`s 'My Dear Little Angle'

Glenn Robinson, Producer (Tea party, Tori Amos)
Recorded in November of 1998 in Vancouver`s Greenhouse Studios

The whatever is a co-production between Insolent Boy Entertainment Inc., smallsong recordings and is made possible with the financial assitance of Much Music. The director would like to thank the following for their continued support help and dedication to this project:

the smalls -- Dug Bevans, Terry Johnson, Mike Caldwell, Corby Lund, Deborah Dilworth, (Edmonton), Bloody Worm, Dean, Bombscare, (Vancouver), Grimskunk, Simon Galipeau, RIP (Montréal), Lofofora, (Paris, FRANCE), FBI, Brice, Gwarr, Manu, (Étampes, FRANCE), John D. Scott, Karen Rodriguez, Morningside College, (Sioux City, USA), Miriana Diquinzio, Matt, Radke Films, (Toronto), Steven Dee, Michael Scinyi, Michael White, Partners Film Company, (Toronto) Glenn Robinson, Sean, Greenhouse Studios, (Burnaby, B.C.), Manu "leather pants", (Liege, Belgium), Steve Smith, Bruce Moffit, Susana Molinolo, Kim Herbener, Margaret Magreaghy, (Toronto), Andrew Bee, Trinity Square Video, (Toronto), Dr. and Mrs. D. A. Stiles, (Port Willams, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Video capture: courtesy Matt/Miriana Radke Films